AUX Based Airconditioners

Imagine having the power to take full control of your AUX-based air conditioner, breaking free from the limitations imposed by the manufacturer’s WiFi module and app. The AUX-provided solutions often fall short when it comes to seamless integration with third-party HVAC control systems or home automation setups.

That’s where steps in, offering a game-changing module entirely built on open-source software. This module doesn’t just give you control; it hands you the reins to customize your air conditioning experience fully. Say goodbye to the constraints of proprietary systems, and welcome a new era of flexibility and personalization.

A noteworthy attribute of the module is its capability to link with your local WiFi network without requiring an active internet connection. This results in unparalleled privacy, a feature uncommon in manufacturer-provided modules and applications. Your data remains within the confines of your network, establishing a secure and private setting for managing your home’s climate. If you choose to connect to the external environment to control your air conditioner, you have the flexibility to do so on your own terms, without depending on third-party servers that may compromise privacy.

But the advantages don’t stop there. Our module goes beyond exclusivity; it’s designed to be compatible with a diverse range of brands, all sharing a common foundation rooted in AUX air conditioners. It’s not just a module; it’s a gateway to unlocking the full potential of your air conditioning system, giving you the freedom to tailor your environment to your liking.

Join us in revolutionizing the way you interact with your air conditioner. Embrace openness, customization, and most importantly, take back control over your comfort.