Network maintenance – service description 47634.44

This document describes the service agreement between and customer for the Network Maintenance Service and Guest Portal Hosting Service. Version 47634.44

The Network Maintenance Service includes:

  • Monitoring of Ubiquiti-Unifi devices using a Unifi controller. For less than 20 devices, a shared controller may be used
  • Monitoring of Ubiquiti-Edge and Airmax devices using an UISP controller. For less than 20 devices, a shared controllar may be used
  • Device Security & feature updates (limited to Ubiquiti Edge & Unifi product line, including network, video and access)
  • Management portal security & feature updates
  • Small configuration changes
  • Daily configuration backups
  • Documentation of the network environment, limited to the network and devices in scope of the agreement
  • Full administrator access to the controller software
  • Guest portal hosting

The Network Maintenance Service does not include:

  • Large scale configuration changes. A large scale configuration change is any change a) resulting in documentation change b) commencing over 15 min of labour
  • Replacement costs for failed hardware, including hardware itself or the labour involved in replacing
  • Custom SSL certificates (if required)
  • Management of your internet connection (including Internet Service Provider equipment), unless agreed otherwise

The Guest Portal Hosting service will host your guest portal (for providing guest users access to internet) at a best effort basis. Guest portal operations are closely monitored


  • is not responsible for any disruptions caused by software faults in third party software


Support is provided primary via the ticketing system available by sending an email to will make best efforts to reply to support requests within 12 hours.


Unless agreed different, costs are per device per month, billed upfront annually.